GBC was Interviewed by Global Bio& Investment

Sterile Injectables CDMO One-Stop Service for Commercial-Scale
GBC Obtained 20 Drug Certificates within 6 Years and Planned Emerging in 2023

GBC is the first CDMO in Taiwan to focus on sterile injectables and is also one of the few CDMO sterile injectable factories in Taiwan that can span a variety of fields such as small molecules, large molecules, polypeptides and protein drugs, with a batch size as small as milligrams and as large as kilograms, and is also the only commercial-scale plant in Taiwan that can provide pre-filled syringes (Cartridge Pens) in auto-injectors.
GBC obtained the qualification approval letter from the Bureau of Industry of the Ministry of Economic Affairs for "Entrusting Domestic Pharm R&D Service Organizations for the Biotech and Pharm Industry", and is expected to become the first stage incentives scope of CDMO in the new version of the biotech pharm industry development regulations.
GBC plans new stage to start a capital increase in 2022, and Public Issue& Emerging in 2023, OTC in 2024.

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