Quality Control

Genovior QC center complies with PIC/S GMP (cGMP, EU GMP) and is responsible for testing all samples to control and confirm compliance with the established specifications. We achieve the goal of "To ensure quality" with a sound professional organization of labor and cooperation.
  • Raw Material department: Control the quality of all income raw and starting materials.
  • Analysis R&D department: Responsible for the development and validation of analytical methods in methodology.
  • QC department: control in-process, finished products, stability test, water purification system and monitoring of plant environment, etc.
  • Microbiology department: Responsible for performing all Microbiology tests related the QC Department.
In addition, with Oncology plant line, the responsibilities of the units under the QC Center are dedicated. To ensure the implement and achieve the purpose of avoiding cross-contamination, and Genovior sets up the same function of a professional organization.