Small Scale Bio-API Production

Genovior offers contract manufactures for biologics in scales ranging from preclinical, clinical, to commercial uses.  Our expertise and capabilities in upstream fermentation, downstream purification, and lyophilization provide wide range of services for our clients worldwide.
  • Class C (ISO 10000) cleanroom in compliance with PIC/S GMP requirements
  • 2 independent production lines of upstream and downstream for inclusion body and soluble protein productions
  • Flexible manufacturing scale with fermenters from 50 L to 300L
  • Tubular centrifuge units for cell harvest and primary recovery
  • High-pressure homogenizer for cell processing
  • 50 L to 1,000 L temperature controlled stainless steel tanks for reaction and storage
  • Cassette and hollow fiber Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) units for UF/ DF
  • AKTAprocess chromatography system for protein purification
  • Grade A airflow cabinets for critical steps operations to protect operators and products
  • Comprehensive quality system including QC and QA to ensure the highest quality