Protein Process Development

Genovior is capably of developing protein process for the products, either new or generic biologics, initiated by clients for clinical application or for filing purposes for commercial productions in a timely fashion and under economical budgeting. Genovior can also efficiently and effectively tech-transfer microbial process, both up-stream and down-stream to our facilities from customers.
Upstream Process Development
  • Bioprocess development in scales from shake flask, 5 L fermenter, to 50 L fermenter
  • Clone construction for peptides or microbial products
  • Media selection, screening, and optimization
  • Fed-batch development and feeding strategy optimization
  • Fixed angle, tubular centrifuge, and tangential flow filtration system for cell harvest development
  • Primary recovery and refolding yield maximization
Downstream Process Development
  • Resin selection, screening, and optimization, including ion exchange, hydrophobic interaction, size exclusion, affinity and reverse phase
  • Precipitation and extraction development
  • Buffer selection, screening, and optimization
  • Protein conjugation
  • Purification optimization