• 2015 Analytical/ Formulation/ Bio Process Development/ Synthesis Lab Q4 2015  Completed
  • 2016 Microbial Pilot Plant/ Small-Scale Injectables Plant Q2 2016  Completed
  • 2017 Aseptic Injectables Plant Q1 2017  Completed
     Dedicated Oncology Plant Q1 2017  Completed
  • 2018 Microbial Commercial Plant Q3 2018
     Animal Cell Production Pilot Plant Q4 2018
  • 2019 Animal Cell Production Commercial Plant (Monoclonal Antibody Drugs) Q4 2019
Genovior is in progress of building world class facilities that fully comply with the regulations of FDA, EMA and other agencies. The factories are equipped with state-of-art equipment which can furnish a total solutions for any of your projects: from process development of synthesis, microbial fermentation, purification, lyophilization and slow-release formulation, from piloting production to commercial contract manufacturing of either API or aseptic injectables.
     * Dedicated facility

Our facilities are located in Northern and Southern of Taiwan, details could be found from below